Dogs for Rehoming

About Barry

Barry is a handsome young boy who came to us for rehoming when he retired early from racing..

Retired Greyhounds make wondeful pets, they're often referred to as the 45mph couch potato! They only need minimum exercise, a good run or a decent walk... then they generally love to snooze the day away until dinner time!!

Barry is only 2 years old, so is still quite playful and lively... however he's a lovely lad, very friendly and good with other dogs, especially other Greyhounds.

As with most Greyhounds, he has a high chase instinct and is unsuitable to live with small furries, or cats. He is muzzle trained, and walks lovely on the lead..

Barry would love a nice big comfy bed to snooze on (or a sofa), and get plenty of love and attention.