Dogs for Rehoming
Siberian Husky/German Shepherd
1 Year Approx

About BamBam

Bam is a lovely GSD/Husky who was handed in for rehoming due to her family having too much to cope with, and Bam was bored... so she kept escaping!

Bam is only the size of a large collie, but can still pull on the lead, and jump high. She needs a very secure garden to play in, and plenty of exercise to keep her stimulated. She has a high prey drive, so she's unsuitable to live with cats, rabbits etc. As Bam is so young, she can be a little anxious when left, and may chew. She seems very intelligent.. and willing to learn!

We feel Bam would make a great companion in the right environment, she loves a cuddle.. and can be quite soppy! She loves to chase a ball, and is quite good at the retrieving too!

She would be suitable to live with children aged 12 years and over.

Bam is more husky by nature, so please do reasearch as this breed isn't for everyone!