Dogs for Rehoming
Lurcher Cross
1 Year 6 Months Approx

About Jess

Jess is a lovely young dog who came in for rehoming with her Brother, Seb. 

Jess was found living as a stray and it took the dog warden over 2 weeks to catch her! The gamekeeper who looks after the land that she was running on was threatening to shoot her, so it was very important that she was captured as soon as possible.

Although Jess is slightly more confident than her brother, she was still very shy and shut down when she first arrived and it was clear that she has never received any human kindness. Jess was fearful of people and would try her best to avoid any contact. She would barely walk on the lead and had no idea how to play. Every noise in the outside (or inside) world spooked her and she often had to be carried around the grounds for her 'walks'.

The staff are working hard to help Jess gain in confidence and get her used to every day things She's now quite confident at walking on the lead, will approach familiar people and enjoys a bit of fuss. She has learned that toys are great fun and loves to play, especially with her Brother, Seb. 

Jess will need a very experienced, understanding home that can help her gain the confidence she desperately needs. She will need training and is probably not used to living in a house, so it will all be new for her. She needs a very secure garden, as we believe that she will bolt if given the oppertunity. We feel that she will be happier in a home with children over the age of 12 years, due to her timid nature. We would like to rehome her with her brother, Seb, but realise that it's a big ask... so we would consider seperating them if the right home comes along. They could live with another dog... but not with cats!