Dogs for Rehoming
Labrador/Patterdale Terrier
4 Years Approx

About Buddy

Buddy is a handsome dog (Lab Sized) that came in for rehoming after he nipped one of the children he was living with, and was taken to the vets to be put to sleep.

Whilst in kennels, Buddy is a lovely dog, and rarely puts a paw wrong... however we have rehomed him twice and he has been returned due to his guarding behaviour.

Buddy can be quite possessive over his favouite toys/food, and anything that he thinks belongs to him... including the sofa! He's also quite stubborn and doesn't like to be told what to do at times... meaning you can't remove him from a situation with his collar etc.

Buddy has lived with other medium/large dogs in the past, but seems to be quite reactive to smaller dogs, this includes redirecting his frustration at the lead. He is definitley not ok with cats.

Buddy will need a home without any children, with people who understand his behaviour, and feel that they can manage it safely.. and who can read his signals.

Most of the time he's a lovely dog, and a pleasure to be around, he's very Labrador.. and loves to play ball and carry toys around! He's a great walking companion and will need plenty of exercise to keep him stimulated.