Dogs for Rehoming
Springer Spaniel/Cocker Spaniel

About Alfie

Alfie is a handsome young man who was rehomed from us some time ago, but has been returned due to his challenging behaviour when out of the home.

Most Spaniels love to go out for long country walks, Right? NOT ALFIE!

Alfie gets very wound up and stressed by change, almost like a doggy version of Autism, he hates travelling and will spin, chew and generally get himself into a state (he's better when confined to a small area in the car). He's almost uncontrollable on the lead, and pulls to make try and get back home or to the car... however off lead he's fine, but will constantly circle and become obsessive over toys.

In the home he's a different dog, he loves a snuggle on the sofa, and enjoys a game of fetch in the garden... He likes routine, and is quite settled in the kennels. He's an affectionate boy and has had some basic training...

Alf will need a very understanding and knowledgable home with people who can really dedicate the time into a training program where Alfie can learn to relax and be less anxious.. he needs to have trust in the people around him. Ideally he would have a small holding or a home with a large garden for him to exercise in... instead of being taken out.

Alfie has seen many animal behaviouists and vets... he's also been on different calming medication.. and a vast array of walking aids have been tried.

Alfie really is a lovely dog, and will be great in the right home.