Dogs for Rehoming
1 Year 6 Months Approx

About Blue

Blue is a big handsome lad who has sadly come back into rescue due to him displaying some seperation anxiety. He has also showed a couple of signs of guarding behaviour.

Blue is a big daft lump that loves to play and race around, he's still very much a big puppy.. and can be quite boisterous and occasionally mouthy.

Blue has had some good training and seems really keen to please, he's a great lad and will excel in the right home. Blue is a lively lad who will require a lot of exercise, he enjoys his walks, and loves to swim...

Blue will need a home with someone who is around a fair amount, he can get destructive if left for too long. Blue will need a knowledgable home with people who have had Rotties before and know about guarding breeds. He is unsuitable to live with cats and children under 16 years. But may be able to live with a female dog of a similar size/temperament.