Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Jack Russell Terrier

About Cassie

Hello, my name is Cassie and before I came into The Ark I hadn’t had a very good time. I had already had several homes but none of my owners had any time for me. As a result I have to admit that my early education has suffered a bit and I don’t know much about how to act around people or other dogs. Don’t get me wrong..I am very friendly...in fact I’m a bit too enthusiastic sometimes when I say hello! I’m now a pupil at The Ark Academy where I am learning some better manners and how to be a ‘lady’! One of the lessons I find the hardest is to ‘keep calm’...after all I’m a Staffie X Jack Russell and very young and I’d rather ‘carry on’ than ‘keep calm’!! I’m told I am a good pupil and I love being taught new things but best of all I absolutely love playing with my toys. I still have a lot to learn but I am getting better and one day I will graduate and be able to move on to a lovely new home. So until that special day arrives.... Thank you for sponsoring me.