About Topsy

Hello, my name is Topsy and I was brought to the Ark in November 2011. I was one of a group of stray cats being fed by some concerned office workers and life was pretty difficult before I was lucky enough to come here. Although the people who fed us were very kind, living on the streets is all about survival of the fittest and, unfortunately, probably due to being poorly when I was a kitten, the vet discovered that I have a few problems which have affected my co-ordination. Mind you, I am so much better now than when I first came to the Ark. Apparently in the early days of my stay at the Ark, they thought I might get really poorly and maybe not even get better. However, I proved them all wrong and I'd say I'm perfectly fit and well – just a little bit shaky! And, whatsmore, I'm only a youngster! After almost 18 months at The Ark a wonderful thing happened - I got a home with a lovely family who are fostering me. They are happy to keep an eye on me and will make sure I am alright and get me checked out at the vet’s if necessary. So I’ve got my own private nurse....how good is that! There are some other cats in my foster home which I’m pleased about as I got used to having company whilst I lived at The Ark. We all share a nice house and garden and I’m really pleased that you are sponsoring me as it helps to pay for the special care that I need. Thank you for sponsoring me