About Tasha

Hello, my name is Tasha and I am a Lurcher with maybe a touch of Heinz 57. I was found straying and brought to The Ark back in September 2006. You may wonder why I have been here for such a long time and I must admit sometimes so do I! However, life here is pretty good. I have one of the nice new kennels as befits my status as ‘Top Dog’. I have many admirers here - the dog walkers have all got to know me so well and know how I enjoy a good game and run in the compound. Then on the Open Days I do a great job of meeting and greeting the many visitors. I really am ‘the hostess with the mostest’! I do love all the attention I get especially when we get visits from local schools and I can say hello to the children. So you see I have quite a busy schedule. However, I still dream of one day getting a home of my own .............. so, until that special person comes along................ THANK YOU FOR SPONSORING ME