About Reggie

                             Hi.........I'm Reggie

I’m a relatively new boy at The Ark but have quite a story to tell.  When I say ‘new boy’ actually this is my second time here!  I was rehomed several years ago and, at first, was quite satisfied with my home but...I don’t know.....I got a bit bored...wanted to widen my horizons...so I decided to become an explorer!  I soon discovered that there were lots of interesting places for a curious cat like me to investigate, including the local caravan site!  I really liked visiting there...lots of campers with picnics and having BBQS .....lots of comfy caravans to snooze in.  So I started spending all my time there, but the campers kept taking me back home!  When they did....I went back as soon as I could manage it so eventually my owners said I may as well stay there.  Unfortunately the people on the Caravan Park didn’t agree so back I came to The Ark!  Ah well...I’m quite happy here for the time being and as you can see from my picture...I have the art of relaxation down to a fine art!  Whilst I’m in residence the nice people here are trying to sort out my poorly eyes as they get very sore and runny.  They do rather spoil my good looks and, as I fancy I have some Oriental blood in me, I like to try looking inscrutable but my bad eyes rather spoil the effect!  When I’m not busy being a great explorer I’m a very sociable chap...most of the time...but I will let you know when I want some ‘me time’ and a nap!  Even so I think I would make a good companion....especially if you own a caravan and we could go on holidays. So until that special person comes along .........       THANK YOU FOR SPONSORING ME