Husky Cross

About Rocco

Hello, my name is Rocco ..... and I came to The Ark in November 2018 after I was found straying. My owners were traced but for some reason they didn't want me back. I don't understand why this happens to me .... I've already had three homes and none of them wanted to keep me either! Happily the nice people here at The Ark made me welcome and made it clear that they liked me. I mean .... what's not to like!! I'm good looking, very friendly and love playing games and doing agility. Actually this could be part of the problem as I get a bit over the top when I'm excited and when I'm enjoying a good gallop round the compounds I sometimes decide that I'm not ready to stop so play hard to get! I can take a while to calm down and have been known to grab hold of my walker's clothes .... by mistake of course for one of my toys!! As a result of this I'm a student at The Ark Academy and I do now know all the basic commands ..... mind you I sometimes pretend that I don't .... the folks here tell me it's my stubborn Husky side coming out! I admit I do have a mind of my own but if you pick me as your companion I would be very loyal and do my best to follow orders and be second in command .... not the boss! So until that special person comes along ... Thank you for sponsoring me