Wilfie & Rupert

About Wilfie & Rupert

We came to The Ark as we were not happy living in a house with lots of other cats and we weren’t getting the attention that we needed.  You see we are both rather sensitive souls, particularly my best pal Rupert (he’s the blonde one).  He gets rather anxious about things and worried and he also has a bit of a dodgy tummy.  We both need to eat very special food (personally I think this is very appropriate as we are both very special boys) but apparently it costs a lot of money!  We’ve never been so well looked after as  I’m sad to say that we had been rather neglected in our previous home. When we arrived at The Ark  we had to have lots of dental work done (we both hate the dentist) but it did make eating easier as bad teeth don’t half hurt!  I also have a few problems with my eyes and they have to be cleaned every day to stop them  getting sore.  Having said all this...we are really lovely chaps and are very affectionate once we get to know you.  We are very talkative and enjoy a good chat with people! Rupert and I are best buddies and we love to curl up together so it was a huge relief when the nice people at The Ark found a lovely foster home for us together.  We would have hated to be parted.  The Ark will still look after us as we will have to have regular checkups at the vet to see if we are doing OK and of course we will continue with our special diet so that we don’t get any tummy upsets.  We feel really lucky that someone is prepared to have us stay with them and you can be sure that we will be really loving and good companions.   

                    THANK YOU FOR SPONSORING US