About Rocky


Hello, my name is Rocky and I came to The Ark almost a year ago after my owner could no longer care for me.  I’m a Bull Terrier X Lurcher and I’m just two years old...that’s my excuse for not knowing much about anything!  When I first arrived the people here had their hands full as I’m a bit of a Jack the lad...full of energy and very enthusiastic about life!  Apparently this means that I’m sometimes too over the top when I first meet people and say hello..so I’m learning how to do this ‘nicely’! In the meantime I enjoy a good gallop round and I love playing, especially in the agility compound...I’m very good at agility even if I do say so myself! Actually I think I could do it ‘professionally’ and be really good at competitions as I’m very athletic.  I love people and am very friendly but I don’t particularly like other dogs and I make my feelings about this very clear if I meet another Ark resident walking round the grounds!  When I was younger something nasty happened to me and I still bear the scars on my head and legs but otherwise I think you will agree I’m rather a good looking young man and would be an asset to any household.....so until that special person does come along...                            Thank you for sponsoring me