Springer Spaniel/Cocker Spaniel

About Alfie : IN FOSTER

Great News ..... Alfie is in a foster home!! Visit our Happy Endings page to see how he is getting on

Hello, my name is Alfie, I’m just over 5 years old and a Springer  Cocker Spaniel.  This means that I should be rather a sporty, outdoors sort of chap but strangely I find large open spaces rather worrying!  In fact I confess I am generally rather an anxious boy.  I’m happiest in a settled routine in surroundings I’m familiar with and with people I know. Unfortunately this means that I don’t cope with change very well...even travelling in a car is frightening for me...I know this sounds a bit wimpy...but I just can’t help it!  What I need is someone understanding who will help me build up my confidence and help me relax...perhaps The Ark people should enrol me on a Yoga or Meditation course!!  There are some things I do like doing and am comfortable with....I enjoy running in the compounds here and I am an enthusiastic collector of toys...any will do...I have a mountain of them in my kennel .... in fact I have been found guilty of stealing them from the compounds so that there are none for anyone else to play with!!  I would need to go to a very special home with an owner with lots of patience whilst I try to get over my anxieties and of course the lovely people here at The Ark would carry on helping me too.   So until that special person comes along.....

                       Thank you for sponsoring me