Chloe & Carlin

About Chloe & Carlin

I’m Chloe and I came to The Ark along with my brother Carlin when our owners started to spend a lot of their time abroad and we were left at home.  Whilst we know it was for the best that we moved here, to be honest at our age it was quite a shock and it took us a long time to get used to our new situation.  You see we are both getting on a bit - well actually we are about 15 years old and elderly cats like us don’t really like change.  We decided to keep ourselves to ourselves,  so we probably didn’t seem very friendly to the people who helped here.  In fact we are both gentle souls who like a fuss but we prefer to get to know people first...we aren’t the sort who are on first name terms straight away if you know what I mean.  The people here didn’t seem to mind and let us take our time settling in and were very patient with us. Anyway after a couple of months it was decided that we might like to move from our pen into somewhere  called Roger’s Room.  We were a bit apprehensive but we couldn’t believe it...there was a sitting room...a bit like we used to have at our old home, with sofas and nice comfy chairs to sit on.  What’s more...there is a garden! We soon took advantage of all the amenities...sunbathing in the garden...when there is any sunshine....but when it rains we snooze on the sofas and snuggle up in the cushions.  We also get lots of company as the staff often have their lunch with us and other nice volunteers come and say hello.  We’ve decided it’s not so bad here and we’ve cheered up a lot and so until that  special person comes along who would like the company of a couple of quiet, unassuming cats such as ourselves .....