About Carlin

I’m Carlin and I came to The Ark along with my sister Chloe when our owners started to spend a lot of their time abroad and we were left at home.  Whilst we knew it was for the best that we moved here, to be honest at our age it was quite a shock and it took us a long time to get used to our new situation.  You see we were both getting on a bit - I’m 16 years old and elderly cats like us don’t really like change. However, after a while we decided it was actually quite nice here, especially when we both moved out of our pen into Roger’s Room.   We were a bit apprehensive but we couldn’t believe it...there was a sitting room...a bit like we used to have at our old home, with sofas and nice comfy chairs to sit on.  What’s more...there was a garden! We soon took advantage of all the amenities...sunbathing in the garden or when it was wet or cold we would snooze on the sofas and snuggle up in the cushions.  We were very happy, but then an awful thing happened as Chloe became unwell.  I know she was an old lady and very tired but it was a shock when, despite the best efforts of the nice people at The Ark, we lost her. I miss her of course but the staff and volunteers here have done their best to make sure I’m not lonely and I get lots of company. The staff have their lunch with me (I really enjoy this as I just love food..both my own and theirs too if given half the chance)! So I am content here knowing I am much loved, warm, safe and most importantly well fed! I have to admit that I do feel my age some days and am rather wobbly but I can still jump onto the sofas!  It’s comforting to know that I will stay here for the rest of my days, so thank you for helping look after me by being one of my sponsors.

                                         THANK YOU FOR SPONSORING ME