About Louis

Hello, my name is Louis and I came to The Ark in February 2017 as my owners could no longer care for me when they moved house.  I am a Lurcher and a bit of a likely lad!  I far prefer people to other dogs and I love being taken out for walks and having a game in the grass compounds here at The Ark.  I even have a favourite ball and I like to have a go on the Dog Adventure equipment.  Mind you, much as I enjoy a good gallop, I also like lazing around and am very fond of my bed and enjoy a ‘duvet day’ given half a chance!  I am very interested in small furry things but apparently this is the wrong kind of interest as they don’t like being chased but I just can’t help it...after all I am a Lurcher and it’s what we do!  My hobbies are eating and sleeping and I also collect teddy bears and other soft toys.  I like to look after them and carry them around.  I’m especially fond of my squeaky snake and like to take this to bed with me to cuddle.  I think it’s because I am very loving and I don’t have anyone special of my own....so until that special person does come along.....

                       Thank you for sponsoring me