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Christmas Dinner Appeal
7th Nov 2019

We have started our annual Christmas Dinner Appeal and our cats and dogs will be very pleased if you are able to support this by asking family and friends to fill in the dishes to help buy them extra treats at Christmas. You can download a form by clicking on the button below, collect one at one of our events or contact The Ark on 01335 300494. If you prefer, you can donate using the Donate button on this website, please give your contact details and mention Xmas Dinner so you can be entered in the draw. Thank you for supporting us.

6th Nov 2019


The 2020 Calendar is a very special edition as it is in memory of Fabulous Fruitie our much loved office cat who passed away last year.  This little black cat came to us in a terrible state and in a lot of pain from her ears which had been eaten away by mites.  After veterinary care they healed but it left her completely deaf.  Throughout all her health problems she remained sweet natured and never complained.  She was the most loving cat imaginable and stole the heart of all who met her!  She certainly lives on in our memory and is much missed.  She 'helped' in the Trustees office for almost three years purring encouragement when the going got tough and was always by our side ready for a cuddle to cheer us  up.  She now lives on through the calendar and if you catch sight of our new van you will also spot a little black cat's face on the side! In honour of Fruitie please help us to make the 2020 Calendar a sell out!

All our cards are sponsored as well as the calendar so a big thank you to all our sponsors  as by doing this  it means our charity gets all the money from sales. Please click on the button below to download an order form.

Thank you to our Christmas Sponsors
4th Nov 2019

A big thank you to Alex Clark Art for generously overprinting their Christmas cards with our charity details as well as donating a percentage of their sales to us. Another big thank you to local companies McMurtry & Harding, Peak Waste, Roston Castings, Bowmer Bond, Bakewell Pet Supplies, Kennelbuild, Hornbeam Associates, Second Chance Dress Agency, Chic Accessories, Hasland Pet Supplies, Incube Ltd., Leawood Tech and ex-Ark dogs Ruby and Dennis, who have generously sponsored our other Christmas cards.

Thank You!!
26th Aug 2019

A big thank you to everyone who still came along to Darley Park on Sunday to support our fundraising stall even though we had to cancel the dog show because of the hot weather.  It was good to find out that most people agreed with our decision that it was in the best interests of our four legged friends.

8th Aug 2019

We are currently having some problems with our website and cannot make certain changes.  As a result as you will see from the next News item our lovely old Sponsor cat Carlin has sadly just passed away but we are unable to take him off the Sponsorship page.  Our apologies to his Sponsors. In addition the following dogs and cats have found loving new homes although they are still showing as available for adoption.

Dogs Kyro and Maisie

Cats Egg, Angel, Nova and Estelle.

Finally several of the kittens showing as available for adoption have also been lucky enough to find new homes.  However do please contact us as we still have many other kittens patiently waiting!

Carlin : SAD NEWS
7th Aug 2019

It is with great sadness that we have to tell you that Carlin, our lovely old boy, who lived in Roger's Room and was for a long time one of our Sponsor Cats passed away on Tuesday.  He had become very frail over the last few weeks and then suddenly deteriorated. When the vet came to see him we made the heartbreaking decision to let him go.  He went to sleep peacefully on his favourite cushion on the sofa that he also regarded as his own!  Right up to the end he has kept his love of food and always seemed very content with the life he had here at The Ark.  We will of course write out to his Sponsors in due course.  Carlin will be greatly missed by both staff and volunteers.

Jolly July Open Day
3rd Aug 2019

A big "Thank You" to everybody who helped and came to support us at our Jolly July Open Day, one of the most important events in our fundraising calendar. The weather was kind to us - not too hot and not too wet - which was very lucky in this summer of extremes! As usual, everybody enjoyed the Dog Show but our small animal corner stole the show, with the hoglets being the star attraction!! Our thanks to Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary and Rescue for loaning them to us so that we could promote hedgehog welfare. 

Bambi (now Rosie)
3rd Aug 2019

Many of you will have read in our June Newsletter about Bambi, now called Rosie, who needed quite major - and very expensive - surgery to remove some bone that was blocking her breathing.  Her operation went well and not only is she very  happy in her new home but was looking great when she came back to visit us on our July Open Day. We would like to thank everybody who so generously donated to help pay her vet bills.

Water... water... everywhere!
1st Aug 2019

Drains...when they work well..that's great..when they don't...that's trouble, especially with recent weather!  We've had to spend a lot of time and money on ours but are pleased to say they are now much better!  Our thanks to MEA Group for helping us sort out the you can see Alaska the Husky, Freddy the tabby and Lottie the Patterdale inspected them for us and gave them the OK!

Ashbourne Animal Welfare Loses Founder Member
2nd Mar 2019

Ashbourne Animal Welfare has sadly just lost one of its founder members, Betty Nuttall of Biggin by Hulland, who will have been well known to many supporters and adopters over the years. Her funeral will be at 12.00 noon on Thursday 14th March at Markeaton Crematorium and afterwards at The Black Horse, Hulland Ward.                                  Since the charity was formed, Betty was one of our Dog Rehoming Officers, volunteering many, many hours a week helping rescue and find new homes for stray and unwanted dogs. Betty's overiding passion in life was animals and as a young woman she spotted an ad in the Farmers Weekly magazine for training to be a shepherd and moved to a farm in Wales to set about learning this craft.  She worked for several years as a shepherdess and this is where her great love of Border Collies came from. Betty went on to own many of this breed during her lifetime and Monty, the second dog rescued by us back in 1988, was adopted by Betty and husband Stanley.  In 1988 she and Stanley helped found Ashbourne Animal Welfare and before this, both of them did animal welfare work for Leek and Cheadle Animal Welfare. When the numbers of cats and dogs in need started to grow, it was clear to Betty and Stanley that Ashbourne could do with an animal  rescue organisation of its own!  Hence they, along with several other founder members, held a public meeting at The Green Man and Blacks Head hotel in town to see if there were sufficient like minded animal lovers to form a new animal rescue group.  The rest is history.....Stanley became Treasurer and Betty one of the Dog Rehoming Officers, a duty she took very seriously, always most anxious to match dog with new owner. They embarked on a flurry of fundraising to help support the newly formed group and helped at many jumble sales, coffee mornings and bazaars held in the ballroom at the Green Man and then at the Empire Rooms in Ashbourne.  Betty also paraded proudly in the Carnival processions then held annually in town, walking with one or other of the charity's rescue dogs. She loved working with, being with and talking about dogs and cats but was a very unassuming and private person, in fact it is very difficult to find even the odd photo of her as she always positioned herself at the back, out of sight!  However, she wasn't shy or retiring if it came to defending animals and, for many years before we owned The Ark and could keep rescued dogs and cats there, she would have as many as possible at her home. However, all Betty's observations were touched with a dry humour about people, animals and life in general and she never lost this sometimes wicked sense of humour! Once the charity had raised enough funds to build The Ark, Betty enjoyed continuing with her role of Dog Rehoming Officer, attending every Open Day to chat about the dogs in residence and match them to potential adopters.  She continued with this work well into her 80's and, even at the grand old age of 89 years up to when she died, she was still caring for animals, sharing her home with Fox the dog and Tigger the cat, as well as looking after several semi feral stray cats who depended on her for food and shelter.  Betty's strong spirit and determination helped to save many, many stray and unwanted cats and dogs and she will be sadly missed by the local community and by all her friends at Ashbourne Animal Welfare, where she played such a key role for so many years.