Happy Endings
The Best Things come to those who wait!
15th May 2017

If I'm being totally honest, I was slightly apprehensive about adopting Tom... a very handsome 9 yr old black cat who had been at The Ark for almost a year. One of the reasons for this was that, at every Open Day, Tom would take himself out of the way of curious eyes and wouldn't reappear until all the visitors had gone! Another reason is that strange fact that black cats are not as popular! So yes, I was a little worried that Tom might have become somewhat 'institutionalised' due to being at The Ark for so long.

Well, I'm delighted to report that I needn't have worried. Talk about 'getting your paws under the table!' Within a couple of hours of arriving home, Tom was happily playing with one of his new toys - a catnip cockerel - and a week later he just hasn't put a paw wrong! He has discovered the delights of the log burner and of batting my seashell collection around the floor - usually at first light! However, his chief pleasure (apart from LOTS of fuss) is a duvet day - that's to say, all day, under Mum's duvet!

I am absolutely delighted with 'Mr' Tom. It speaks volumes for the love and care given to ALL residents at The Ark when even long stay cases such as my beautiful cat can make such laid - back, loving companions. It took a while, but Tom has now found his Forever Home - thanks to Ashbourne Animal Welfare - and me ..... well, I have found my new Best Friend For Ever.

Ali Dare xxxxx

P.S. As I type this , Tom is on my shoulder, no doubt approving every word!

Sam's Story
14th May 2017

Dear All,
Just to let you know Sam has settled into his forever home very well. He is such a little sweetheart and we love him very much. He loves his walks with us as we do a lot of walking. Sam goes everywhere with us, even to work. He has many fans who now come into our Motorcycle shop in Leek just to see him!
Yvonne, Dave and Sam